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As a philosopher, Paule SALOMON teaches personal development in the Socratic spirit of asking oneself questions in order to bring our real inner personality to the light. She has enriched her experience by a spiritual search that has lasted for more than twenty years. She has learned the main techniques of psychotherapy and has created a synthesis of these different approaches in her inner self.

She works apart from all other guidelines, even religious or philosophical. She only forwards her experience and propose a way, the way of the heart, an art to be and to love, wisdom of the body.

Her research follow the 3 guidelines she explains in her books and during the seminaries:

1. Transformation of masculine and feminine identities on the social and individual side

2. Love and life as a couple, adventurous experience which demand us to develop a real knowledge of our inner self and a tantric sexuality.

3. Become creator of our own life, which mean that we have to heal ourselves first from the pains of the past, that we also have to know how to resource ourselves.

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