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PERU 2010
The Soar of the Condor, the Awakening of the Puma
Sacred Andean Rituals
With Shamans E. Ortiz et Arevalo
From 14 to 26 July 2010

Ernesto ORTIZ

“For me the trip to Peru represents going back to the mother, to align all my energies with what gives original life. Pachamama is translated as Mother Earth but more accurately it would be Mother World. In Quechua the native tongue of the Andes, Pacha = world and Mama = mother.
This is the place where we can go to be aligned and vibrationally tuned to the upcoming energies of 2012. I will be ready, my body, mind and spirit will be ready as I/we connect deeply to the Erath Mother through ritual, dance, prayer and meditation.
Join us in this powerful experience, become an instrument of the Divine and return home to spread your light, love and Divinity to others. If you feel it this is your calling of service for the upcoming shift.” Ernesto ORTIZ

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Arevalo is a musician and a renowned expert in the Andean culture. In 1980 he co-founds a book house dedicated to the Andean natural medicine.
In 1997, in his book " The Initiatic Path of the Inca" he brings out archaeological astronomy’s esoteric knowledge on the Andean temples and their sacred geometry. His theses have been translated in different Eastern countries.
He conceives shamanism as a path towards freedom for the current generations. He has been initiated to the Aumautas esoteric knowledge, whose temples and secret cities - the Machu Picchu - are lessons of wisdom for humanity.


I have had the pleasure to guide several tours in Peru, and I could feel the deep magnetic and the highly bioenergy power of this country.
The Peruvian celebrate their spirituality by cherishing Mother Nature in a shamanic approach.
The Inka temples are connected to the principles of sacred geometry.
The itinerary of this tour is intended to provide you with an intense initiatic potential.

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The meaning of this initiatic trip

Receiving shamanic initiations in sacred Inka places, thanks to powerful rituals initiated by exceptional shamans Ernesto ORTIZ and AREVALO.

Our basics for logistics

You will experience 3 kinds of space time in order to have both the assets of an individual trip and of a group tour :
1. In situ Consciousness Experiences - individually and with the group
The following logo in the brochure refer to these experiences :
2. Moments of sharing. For fluidity and healing. This moments will naturally take place throughout the tour.
3. Free time. For this tour to fit your needs as much as possible (individually). Single room accommodation if necessary for more integration.

These 3 times will bring you comfort, fluidity and freedom.
This pattern will help live completely your own inner and outer trip.




D1 : Wednesday 14th July 2010 - PUNO
Puno City is located in the Southeast corner of Peru, on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titikaka. Puno is a melting pot of Andean cultures including the Aimara from the South and Quechua from the North.
Introduction to the Sacred Inka culture.
Easy walking tour of the center of the city. Markets and handcraft there are the cheapest in the country.

D2 : Thursday 15th July 2010 – PUNO – AYMARA SACRED PLACES - PUNO
Sacred Pipe Opening Ceremony with Ernesto Ortiz.
We will experiment the powerful energies of the Titikaka Lake, the feminine pole of the Earth.
Exploration of the Aimara Sacred Valley and walk in consciousness along the Power Snake.
Initiatic meditation at the Dimensional Doorway.

On our return to Puno, we stop to contemplate the Aimara altars and communicate with the spirit and the energies of the great Lake Titikaka.

D3 – Friday 16th July 2010 – PUNO - AMANTANI ISLAND
Early morning meditation for heart opening and connecting to the Pachamana energies.
We cross the lake to the Amantini Island, well known for its Pachamana temples (feminine) and Pachata temples (masculine).
On Amantani the spiritual leader of the community will led us in a POWER OFFERING for Pachamama.
This night we share with the locals and stay in their homes.

D4 – Saturday 17th July 2010 – AMANTANI ISLAND - PUNO
Great ritual : we experience the merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the energies of the Eagle and the Condor.
En route back to Puno : floating reed islands of the Uros people, which stand as a connection point with the lost civilizations and entities of the Titikaka Lake.

D5 – Sunday 18th July 2010 - PUNO –WIRACOCHA TEMPLE - CUZCO
Inkan civilizations sites and Wiraqocha Temple :
Wira = foam created at the top of the waves. By extension : the vital energy. White or clear colour.
Qocha = the Lake
After this experience, pleasant bus ride to Cuzco.

D6 – Monday 19th Juillet 2010 – CUZCO - INKA WAKAS - CUZCO
Early in the morning, we initiate a ceremonial path discovering the power places in Cusco city and its surroundings. At the "waka" or holy place of the Puma in Q’enqo, understand the solar initiation path and work with the power of the masters.
Work on the energies of the masters.

Continue to Amaru Machay and to Sacsayhuaman—the amazing pre-Inkan stone center outside Cusco.
Powerful site, home of the Sun and the Moon, where stands the head of Grand Puma Cusco.
This site, like a stone puzzle, draws the celestial serpent, and is also shown by rainbows.

D7 – Tuesday 20th July 2010 – CUZCO - SACRED INKA VALLEY
We discover the powerful Sacred Valley of the Inka.
We explore the Initiation center at Chinchero and the magnificent House of Pachamama in Moray, “the Inka cropcircle”. The Sacred Valley was the center of Inka spirituality.
Metamorphosis ritual and alignment to the electromagnetic field.
Sanctuary of Ollantaytambo where people often report major spiritual experiences. In this gorgeous lodge, you will reconnect to our royalty.

D8 –Wednesday 21st July 2010 - SACRED VALLEY - URUBAMBA
Continue exploring other sites around the Sacred valley of the Inkas :
- The spectacular Salt Mine of Maras,
- The Waka of the Puma and Serpents in Unu Urqo
- The incredible irrigations systems in Yucay.
- The Inka palace in Urubamba

Transfer to the train station to travel from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, the village at the foot of Machu Picchu. Ascention to Machu Picchu and connection to the Crystal city. The City of Light is located on a very high level power place. The Shamans remind us that this place used to be dedicated to initiatic practices, intended to receive high level teachings.
Touch the Intiwatana stone with the forehead gives access to the spiritual world.

D10 – Friday 23rd July 2010 - MACHU PICCHU
At sunrise, we are led on a profound ceremony of healing in Macchu Picchu.
We visit the Sacred Plaza, the Temple of the Sun and others.
We marvel over the Inka architecture, craftsmanship and stonework.
We honor the Spirit of the Kondor, taking time for meditation, personal reflection and offerings.
Ceremony of the 4 Crystal Quarz stones, planted at the 4 cardinal points of the Cidatel in 1995, by Ernesto Ortiz.
For those ready for adventure, there may be an optional opportunity to climb the magnificent and powerful Wayna Picchu mountain.
Back to the Sacred Valley, we continue to Cusco.

D11 – Saturday 24th July 2010 - CUZCO 
Workshops on power objects and sacred amulets to prepare for our spiritual mission.
In the evening, celebration dinner with musicians and drums !

D12 – Sunday 25th July 2010 - CUZCO - PISAC - CUZCO
Enjoy the colorful market for shopping and interacting with the locals.
Pisac, one of the most important citadels of the Sacred Valleys, well known for its Temple of the Sun.
Free time for integration in Cuzco.

D13 – Monday 26th July 2010 - CUZCO
End after breakfast. Airport transfer and return flight to France for those who bought their flights with us.


TOUR : 13 days / 12 nights
2500 € per person - single room accommodation
2100 € per person - shared room (2 persons) accommodation

COMPRENSIVE INSURANCE (Cancellation –Luggage) : 65€ - Recommanded

- If you register as a single person, you can choose to share your room if your sleep is respectful of the others’. (no snoring in particular) 
- A personalized schedule of payments is a possibility we can offer for you to join us.


Rates include : 
- Ernesto ORTIZ & AREVALO’s in situ teachings 
- Eric GRANGE’s logistic assistance 
- All meditations, ceremonies and shamanic teachings mentioned in the program 
- B&B accommodation in 3 star hotels 
- 12 meals 
- Transfers in top-quality buses 
- All entries and visits mentioned in the program 
- A local guide’s assistance 
- Translations in French for all activities scheduled in a foreign language 
- Logistics and organisation fees 
- Medical assistance and rapatriment via the Europe Assistance if you are a resident of Western Europe or of the French overseas departments. 
- Oasis Voyages’ civil responsibility and financial warranty

Rates do not include : 
- International flight and airport taxes 
- The domestic flights LIMA/JULIACA and CUZCO/LIMA 
- The comprehensive insurance for cancellation and luggage - recommended 
- Personal expenses 
- Tips 
- 11 meals (meal : approx 5 €) 
- International airport leaving tax Lima (approx $30


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