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The integration of the Jaguar and the Eagle
Teachings, ceremonies, shamanic rituals, temazcal
Spiritual journey from  5th to 17th  May 2019
With Don Ernesto ORTIZ Shaman, teacher of the Akashic record

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Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence.
Ernesto is recognized in the holistic, health and metaphysical field as an inspiring facilitator, teacher and therapist.

His training began at an early age in Mexico with Curanderos and Shamans and has continued for many years with world renowned teachers in Transpersonal Psychology,   Shamanism, Music Therapy, Bodywork and more.
In 1994 Ernesto created Journey to the Heart, a company dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the well-being of people by using practical tools to help integrate the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Ernesto is a ceremonial pipe carrier; he received his pipe in 1996 from his spiritual grandmother Barret Eagle Bear (Lakota).
His teachings are a call to link spirituality with a daily life in a simple but deep and grounded approach.
The wisdom of the Mexico is included in the Akasha’ field which hold the past, the present and the seeds of future. Don Ernesto will guide you through Akashic meditations to enter this field of limitless possibilities and will help you to rediscover your connection with this sacred land.
Your Journey to Mexico will be a celebration of rituals, meditations and sacred places.


The holy wisdom is contained in the Akasha domain, the DNA of the universe, the past, present and future. From the beginning of time, every action, every word has been recorded in the akashic library. 
Since it contains everything, the akashic record hold of the wisdom of the world. It can provide unlimited guidance. It is always available to inspire us in life and bring us the light-guide that we seek.
During this trip, Don Ernesto Ortiz will guide you through the Akashic meditations to enter this field of possibilities, of unlimited potential, and discover your connection to this sacred land where masters have left a teaching to enrich your life. As you progress with this tool, you will receive invaluable information.

Your trip to Mexico with Don Ernesto Ortiz will be punctuated by initiation rituals, as much as a gateway to a transformative and beneficent experience.

Don Ernesto ORTIZ, referential teacher in Akashic Memoirs, has published a book "The Akashic Records". He also offers in France intensive seminars of several days to access our Akashic Memories and to receive the beneficent messages. Visit our website to find out more.
« Come join me in the land of my ancestors, come and discover Mexican mysticism  and shamanic rituals. Come join me in the place where the Akashic Records prayer was first given, and awaken within yourself the knowledge of your connection to this magic land and Akasha.  Help me to create a beautiful Despacho and Cacao ceremonies and leave a permanent mark in the land of the Mexica*.  I look forward to traveling with you. »
Don Ernesto Ortiz
* "Mexica" means Aztec in Nahuatl, their language

THE TEMAZCAL, purification ritual

The Temazcal is a steam ritual for the well-being of the bodies and the souls. You will experience a lot of purifications. 
The importance of the Temazcal show that the pre-hispanics civilizations were focused on harmony, balance and wisdom.

The Temazcal is also a spiritual practice: the ritual is under the protection of Temazcaltoci, the grand Mother of the baths or Yotalticitl the Godess of the night. It’s a custom to offer flowers or copal. 
It’s a steam bath of medicinal herbs, you’ll be surrounded by drums, healings prayers and devotion for mother earth.  This very old healing modality is a very good preparation to receive the initiations included in the journey.


This journey is made in such way that it has a strong initiatic power that can at time modify the schedule.  There will be no use of power plants or drugs during this journey.


- The teachings of Don Ernesto Ortiz
- The discovery of the sacred place of mystical Mexico
- Full board for the meals (except two lunches and one dinner)
- Very confortable Hotels
- Professional organisation from Oasis Voyages
- Discount of 40€ if you register on 


1. Cancun
2. Tulum
3. Coba
4. Ek Balam
5. Chichen Itzá
6. Izamal

7. Uxmal, Kabah, Labna
8. Mérida
9. Teotihuacán
10. San Andres Mixquic
11. Xochimilco
12. Mexico


D1 – Sunday 5th May 2019
For those who have chosen the package from Europe: flight Paris – Cancun.

D2 – Monday 6th May 2019
For those who have chosen the package from Europe: landing in Cancun and transfer to Playa del Carmen. Diner and night at your hotel in Playa del Carmen.

D3 – Tuesday 7th May 2019
Gorgeous Tulum, the eastern Mayan site. It’s the first one to receive the energy of father sun.

For one night you will live among a small Mayan community in the jungle, you will learn about their traditions and share their traditional meal.

Temazcal ceremony hosted by a Mayan shaman. This is one of their purification practices. This practice, used for ages, purify the physical, energetical, mental and astral bodies and is a preparation for furthers spiritual progress.

Entering a Temazcal is like entering your mother’s womb to clean memories and come out as a new born baby ready to live fully.

To end this deep cleanse, you’ll dive in the heart of an illuminated Cenote. 

A Cenote is a deep and naturel wheel, that was seen for the Mayans as a door between two worlds. They were also used as a spring as well as temple where they were doing offerings 
Lunch included. Dinner with the community.  Night at your hotel in Playa del Carmen.

D4 – Wednesday 8th May 2019
This beautiful city lost in the middle of the jungle is one of the most important sites of the Yucatan peninsula. It’s a sacred sanctuary and a place of initiation for the Hight priests. In its heart, the powerful pyramid and the famous stone where the Mayan calendar was originally carved.    
Lunch included. Dinner and night at your hotel in Playa del Carmen.

D5 – Thursday 9th May 2019
Ek Balam
means « black jaguar » in Mayan language. It was the place where the elite lived. The acropolis contained the tomb of the King.   
Discovery of Valladolid and we’ll continue to Chichen Itza.
Lunch included. Dinner and night at your hotel in Chichen Itza.

D6 – Friday 10th May 2019
Chichen Itza
, the jewel of the Mayan-Toltec civilization, it’s shape says a lot about their vision of the universe. It’s a place of power that has a deep astrological significance.

Road to Izamal.
On the way you will discover a mayan cemetery. According to their tradition death is simply the other side of life and it’s merely an illusion.

Discover Izamal, known as the « yellow city ».  It’s a place of pilgrimage to Christian saints. Many statues representing them are miracles statues.

You will also feel the energy of the monastery of Saint Antoine of Padou, built in 1562 with the stone of the Popul Chac pyramid.

Lunch included. Dinner and night at your hotel close to Uxmal.

D7 – Saturday 11th May 2019
The cave of Loltùn ("stone flower") show a fantastic example of the ancestral Mayan art.

Sacred site of Kabah, a main site of “Ruta Puuc”.
This site is spectacular for its “Codz Poop” the mask’s palace.  On its walls more than 300 masks represent the God Chaac, God of the rain and water.
This is a perfect place to work on the water element in us. The energy of creativity and a symbol of fertility.

The site of Labna is important. The temple is rich of symbols and holds many secrets. 
Discovering this site is a real spiritual experience. 
All the buildings are linked by a white path that is the symbol for the spiritual path. 
This center of ceremony is connected to the cosmos, the glyphs carved in the stone represent the constellations, sun, moon, start and the planet Venus.  .
Lunch included. Diner and night in your hotel.

D8 – Sunday 12th May 2019
is the center of the Yucatan spiral of energy and one of its most fascinating sites. Uxmal is also the center for the sacred sexuality initiation for women.

Lunch is included. Diner and night in your hotel close to Uxmal.

D9 – Monday 13th May 2019
Flight Merida – Mexico.

Diner and night in your hotel close to Teotihuacán.

D10 – Tuesday 14th May 2019
We are going to explore the pyramids of Teotihuacán.

Founded more than 2500 years ago, it means : “ the place were man becomes God” meaning that people came here to realize their own divinity. "

Like Gizeh Teotihuacan is connected to the Orion constellation. The main path is built under the same principle than the temple of Luxor. 
Lunch, dinner and night at your hotel close to Teotihuacan.

D11 – Wesnesday  15th  May 2019
The museum of Mexico is one of the most amazing of the world.

Among others, the famous stone Aztec calendar, impressive and imposing, which emanates a strong energy. Or imposing Olmec heads that are said to represent visitors from the sky. This civilization is said to come from Atlántida...

Lunch included. Diner and night at your hotel in   Mexico.

D12 – Thursday 16th May 2019
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, erected where the Virgin Mary appeared several times to the peasant Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin in December 1531.
The virgin of Guadalupe, unfathomable mystery, venerated throughout Mexico, place of passage and presence of the divine energy of women.
Its mysteries intrigue the greatest experts of the world including NASA! Indeed, his image is not impregnated on the fabric; it's a living hologram...

We will continue to Xochimilco, famous for its gardens and its floating market.  The Venice of Waters takes its name from Xochili, who is the God of Love. The full name means Garden of Flowers in Aztec.
In the Aztec period this is here that was the biggest food market that feed the capital. . 

Transfer to the Mexico airport for your flight back home. 
Lunch included. Diner in the plane.

D13 – Friday 17th May 2019
For those who have chosen the package from Europe: landing in Paris.


It may be that, for the sake of tranquility and respect for other visitors, the teachings are held away from archaeological and tourist sites. This part of the unknown can be experienced as an integral part of an inner journey: learning to leave aside its expectations to remain open to the magic of the moment, to be carried away by the journey as such, in this it brings new and transformative.


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Price include :
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- The teachings from Don Ernesto Ortiz
- French translator
- 10 nights in comfortable hotels
- Full meals board (Except lunches of D2 et D9 and diner of D12)
- All the activities included in the program  The transportation in a private bus
- Travel insurance repatriation/Assistance with Europ Assistance provided if you are domiciled in Western Europe, DOM, New Caledonia or French Polynesia
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Price does not include :
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- Travel insurance in case of cancellation or lost luggage


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