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Let’s change the history books !
With Dr Sam OSMANAGICH International specialist in pyramids and ancient civilizations
From February 20th to 27th 2016

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Dr Sam Osmanagish was born in Bosnia and lives in Houston, Texas, USA.

Specialized in pyramids and ancient civilizations, he now teaches at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ph.D. in Sociology of History, he wrote his thesis about the Mayan Civilization (University of Sarajevo, Bosnia).
Dr Sam Osmanagich now lectures extensively all over the world and has authored ten books about ancient civilizations and pyramids.

He is well known for having discovered an ancient pyramid complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, consisting of ten artificial structures, among which : the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Dragon,the Temple of the Mother Earth, Vratnica Tumulus, Ginje Tumulus, KTK Tunnel and the Ravne Tunnel. He established non-profit and non-government “Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”, whose foundation aims to pursue the excavation and neo-archaeological work.

Sam Osmanagich authored and narrated a 12-episode documentary “Search for Lost Civilization” for the state Bosnian television (2007) which was based on his book : “Civilizations before the Official History” (2005) and filmed in Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Costa Rica, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malta, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

He is a member of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria and became the first ″honorary citizen″ of the town of Visoko. He also was awarded the title of ″Man of the Year 2007″ in Bosnia-Herzegovina for his research project, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

Osmanagich has been admitted as a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Moscow, one of the most respected scientific institutions in the world.

With his multidimensional scientific mind, Dr. Sam Osmanagich will talk passionately about pyramids and his teachings will fit in rightly and fluidly throughout the trip, according to the intensity of the moment and the concentration of the group.

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The Pyramids are very powerful energy entities connected and acting on several levels: energy, spiritual, and healing.

Similarly to the megalithic sites, they are located on our planet in very specific places. In China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Egypt, Nubia, Mauritius, Sicily, Canary Islands, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, USA, Bosnia, Greece, Italy ...

In this first part of the World Tour of the Pyramids, we will discover the hidden history of the Pyramids of Egypt and Nubia and our world’s wonderful secrets What is their function on this planet, what primary roles do they play in the history of mankind ?

What is hidden in them really? What have we learned in the past in our history books about these magnificent buildings and why were we taught what we have been taught?

Technologies and building secrets, sacred geometry... The pyramids are temples of transmutation and initiation. We will be connected to places of incredible power and access to the sacred space of our being.

This will be an exceptional journey into the heart of the most active Pyramids in the world, a connection to the most powerful vortex and their mystical dimension where we will receive useful and blissful messages that are essential in our present evolution of consciousness! This is the trip of a lifetime.

Le 11/09/2015


Due to the media and of some political fights in the city center of Cairo, the entrance into Egypt was reduced to the French.

However, the Foreign Ministry ensures that the number of attacks on people and on public order in Egypt is much lower than in the large cities of our European countries.

It also informs that staying in the major touristic centers is secure :
- These sites got back to their former tranquility
- The local people are happy to welcome us and do their best to serve us
- Our coming to their country is considered as a proof of friendship and support


- A unique and personally made initiatory journey which integrates the powerful energy of the spots
- Visits in consciousness of sacred places, landscapes and wonderful natural scenery
- Time for contemplation and immersion to connect to the energy of the place
- The experienced support of a guaranteed high level guide throughout the journey.
- The refined and professional organization of Oasis Voyages


D1- Saturday Feb 20th 2016 : PARIS – CAIRO
Regular flight Paris-Cairo.

Nights in a 5***** hotel near the Pyramids

D2-D3-D4 – From Sunday Feb 21st to Tuesday 23th 2016 : PYRAMIDS OF CAIRO


On the Giza plateau, unforgettable encounter with the three most beautiful pyramids of the Ancient World. Their fantastic power create an incredible energetic potential.

EXCLUSIVE : PRIVATE ACCESS to the Initiation Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops

Here, Dr Sam Osmanagich will discuss essential topics about the true meaning of the pyramids and the sacred geometry .

How old are these temples? Who built them ? With which technologies and for what purpose? How have 220 tons of material been transported from Aswan?


Incredible pyramid of Djoser. Abusir, pyramids of Neferirkare, Khentkaus and Sahure. Revelation of the building secrets of these temples by Dr Sam Osmanagich. Had the fifth dynasty of pharaohs a sufficiently advanced technology to build these pyramids ?

In Dahchur, we wil explore the chambers and corridors of the magnificent Red Pyramid and the rhomboid Pyramid, called « The Bent Pyramid ».

We will find hundreds of orbs to photograph!

Teachings by Dr Sam Osmanagich on the sacred geometry and the specific energies of these extraordinary places.

D5- Wednesday Feb 24th 2016 : CAIRO – KHARTOUM

Today, the teaching of Dr. Sam Osmanagich will take place according to the availability of the schedules.

Take off from Cairo to Khartoum and settling in our hotel in the evening.

D6- Thursday Feb 25th 2016 : KHARTOUM- PYRAMIDS OF MEROE
Transfer to Meroe, at 230 km north of Khartoum, and settling in the hotel.

This camp, nicely arranged, has comfortable rooms & bathroom and individual toilet, and offers a wonderful view onto the pyramids of Meroe!

All the tents have electricity.
A dining-room is available for the guests’ meals.

Diner at the camp and stupendous sunset under a starry sky.

D7- Friday Feb 26th 2016 : PYRAMIDS OF MEROE - KHARTOUM
Outstanding! More than 220 pyramids ahead !

Teachings of Dr Sam Osmanagich who reveals the story and the secrets of this powerful and seldom visited site !

Transfer to Khartoum, then domestic flight to Cairo.
Settling in the hotel.

D8- Saturday Feb 27th 2016 : CAIRO - PARIS
Back to Paris on a regular flight.


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- International flights from Paris to Cairo and associated air taxes in Economy Class on scheduled flights
- 2 domestic flights Cairo- Khartoum – Cairo
- 5 nights in 5***** hotels and 1 night in luxury camp
- Full board during the whole tour, except for the diner on D7 in Khartoum
- Transfers airport / hotel / airport
- Transportation by air-conditioned buses
- Europ-Assistance Emergency and Repatriation contract, as long as your home address is in Western Europe, DOM or French Polynesia
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- 1 free diner in Khartoum on D7
- Personal expenses
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- Any air and fuel surcharges
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>> Download the complete brochure (PDF)

>> Download the registration form (PDF)

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