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For more than 13 years I have led training courses in personal development. I have brought groups of people to unusual and innovative places like the deserts in Africa or the mountains of South-America. I like those places because they demand us to go beyond our limits. They are appropriate to help us develop in each one of us our quest of meaning. My conviction is that this quest built in our mind a feeling of liberty based on the sum of self-autonomy and responsibility.

I have been educated in the guidelines of the humanist philosophy, which cares about the genuine expression of each individual for him to develop self-autonomy and responsibility.

Master in sophrology, graduated in 1992 from the worldwide Caycedian Sophrology federation, I founded and now lead a training formation in sophrology.

I am also a psychotherapist, trained to the technique of communication between the people: NLP, Palo Alto and Gestalt guidelines. Gestalt therapy is my main reference: as far as theory, practice, clinics and ethics are concerned.
I am a member of the French Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis Federation (FF2P) and I follow their deontology code. I also joined the French association “Psy en mouvement”, of which I am a qualified member.

My determination and my presence are aimed at serving this conviction and at sharing the joy of being happy with ourselves, with the others and with the Universe.


The way of life I choose is about giving and sharing for the development of consciousness.

The Marseille Tarot, in its psychological dimension, the Humanist Astrology of Dan Rudyar and the Silva’s Method were my first approaches.

Then I have turned myself to oriental approaches with Dakpo’s Tibetan teachings. I wanted to know better the deep spirit of the Tibetan people, I organised several expeditions in Ladakh.

Then for almost 10 years I have practiced tantric Yoga and Tchan meditation with Daniel Odier. Sufi breathing and Sound yoga have completed my training.

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