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About us

Oasis Voyages is the only French travel agency specialised in travels in consciousness. Our first aim is to encourage personal and spiritual development, while discovering beautiful and inspiring environments, favorable to your well-being.

For whom?
For people who want to benefit from a rich and spiritual travelling experience.
For therapists or teachers who wish to teach in a tailored environment, in order to intensify their teachings. Beyond their own network, they can also benefit from our well-known reputation and selling force.

The agency has been founded on the 14th of February 2007 by Eric GRANGE whose experience from 1998 to 2006 as a tour-operator at Nouvelles-Frontieres agency (affiliated to the travel leader TUI) taught him a high level of competence and gave him a rich professional experience.

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Every tour we organise is unique and tailor-made for the teacher.
The experience is both ephemeral and timeless, but surely a strong investment for our personal future.

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We have the pleasure to work with famous teachers and authors who appreciate the high quality of our work. Together with the teachers, we create our tours and choose the specific destinations which have the power of intensifying their teachings. Their presence and teachings help you feel and magnify the sacred dimensions of our spots.

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Moreover, we are happy to program private accesses to several temples and sacred sites around the world so you can meditate for example in the Great Pyramid of Kheops or contemplate the sunrise in Borobudur (Buddhist temple in Java) outlying opening hours for tourists.

How do we select our destinations ? Our criteria :
1. Beautiful and inspiring places
2. The spiritual dimensions offered by the visited places and cultures
3. The quality of the local welcoming
4. The quality of the local accommodation and comfort

About our prices :
We care to offer you day prices that are cheaper than those proposed for residential seminaries. In France, a seminary costs about 100€ per day for the teachings with a supplement of 50€ for the accommodation.
Our travels are affordable from 100€ a day (without flight ticket).

In order to respect the legislation, our competence, our financial warrantees and professional insurances have been successfully approved and validated by the French government. While giving us the right to sell tours, the French government also enabled us to become the first French travel agency of our kind.
This way, we provide our customers with perfectly professional and legal services.

Oasis Voyages, the specialist in travels in consciousness : (+33).478.02.90.51
Legal Authorisation : License LI6907006, issued by the French government as we work in accordance with the French legislation, we offer professional and regulated services | Financial guarantee.

Oasis Voyages, your spiritual destination expert and tour operator featuring travel in consciousness.
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