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About Eric GRANGE


I've always been attracted to the majesty of our magnificent planet and by the internal abilities of the human being.

Every time I travel, I feel the power of the strong and the deep links between all people’s hearts.

My experience from 1998 to 2006 as a tour operator at the Nouvelles-Frontieres agency (affiliated to the travel leader TUI) taught me a high level of competence and gave me a rich professional experience.

Since 1992, I have been following a process of personal development, which has enlightened and led me on the beautiful path to conscience awakening. I am deeply passionate about the mysteries of the living.”

In 2007, I was delighted to finally achieve my project, which aims at connecting both inner and outer travelling, by creating my own travel agency, the first one to propose travels in consciousness in France.

I truly hope that the travels I am creating with all my love and my knowledge can contribute to help people communicate better and pacify our marvellous planet.


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